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Organization chart



The structure and composition of FHU REMOD-VHF is represented in the organization chart above.

FHU Director: Professor Hélène Eltchaninoff.

The Executive Management board makes scientific decisions and validates the implementation of the projects with dedicated budgets, in the frame of the strategic options defined by the Strategic Advisory Board. For each of the 4 cities of the FHU, it involves 1 clinician, 1 representative for education and 1 representative of research teams. This committee meets three times a year.

The Project Manager is entirely dedicated to the organization and animation of the network.

The External Scientific Advisory Committee involves 3 international scientific experts (in the different domains of the WP). This Board will meet every two years. It will give advices about general scientific and technological options and project progress, with particular focus on initiation of new projects.

The WP Leaders follows the tasks progress and deliverables in the objectives of the FHU project.

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